How to Add Value to Rental Properties

All of these improvements will add value to your rental property, with no demolition required! Channel your inner “fixer-upper” and see the instant improvements these changes will make.

1.  Improve the exterior of the home

First impressions matter. Simple improvements such as moving the lawn, painting the front door, adding potted plants, and adding a window box below the windows. These simple improvements can all together cost less than $100 but can increase one’s first impression of your property greatly!

Home image001

2.  Turn your property into a smart home

With some simple changes, you can transform your home into a smart home! These devices may include a smart thermostat, which can save you hundreds per month on heating and air conditioning, or a smart security system which can increase one’s peace of mind by being able to see your property on your phone at all times. On top of that, smart homes can be better for the environment, which can be a huge selling point for many.

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3.  Increasing Storage

Increasing storage in affordable ways such as adding closet organizers, increasing shelves in the pantry, adding coat hooks in the hallway and towel hooks in the bathroom can be one of the best ways to increase value. Renters can have storage space as a top priority, and it is so easy to check these boxes with some easy improvements. Other ideas include adding shelving in the garage, or even building a makeshift closet to make room for extra personal items.

4.  Upgrade the lighting

There is nothing that makes a property look cheap quite like bad lighting. Not only will good lighting be a quick and easy improvement to property, but it will improve the whole atmosphere. Many apartment’s light structures can be replaced with a simple fix. You can usually just unscrew your old light structure and replace it with a new one. Even less work, you can just replace the lightbulb with a new one. There is nothing worse than a dull light structure to make a property look cheap.

5.  Beautiful faucets

The quality of faucets can reflect how high quality a property is. Brand new fresh faucets can impress tenants and add an upgraded look at a low price. To replace a faucet, first find out if it’s a center set, single hole, or widespread faucet, then either order the supplies online or at a local hardware store. You can even take the old faucet to the store to make sure you are replacing it with the correct one!

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All of these simple changes can add massive value to your property! Visit us here for more tips on increasing the rental value of your home and for all our Property Management Services!