Finally! Landlords can now rent their property with confidence

With Scheer Landlord Protection by SureVestor, you are protected from certain tenant-related risks for less than $1 a day.

Protect yourself from tenant-related risks for less than $1 a day! We partner with Surevestor to provide renter protection

What's Covered

Malicious Damage

Protect yourself and your belongings from malicious damage caused by tenants.

Eviction Costs

Protect yourself from having to pay out of pocket eviction costs including legal expenses.

Loss of Rent

Protect yourself financially from a loss of rental income caused by a number of scenarios.

What Is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

You can never eliminate tenant related risks, but you can actively minimize them. Our Scheer Landlord Protection gives you the peace of mind you need as a landlord and the protection you want as an investor in your property. All for less than $1 a day.

Scheer Landlord Protection Benefits

  • Protect Your Investment Against Malicious Damage & Arson
  • Relax Knowing that Your Risks as a Landlord are Greatly Reduced
  • Safeguard Your Personal Savings from Costly Out of Pocket Repairs
  • Sleep Well Knowing that Your Investment is Arranged at Lloyd’s of London
  • Manage Tenant Related Risks with More Peace of Mind
  • Feel Confident Knowing that You Can Invest in More Properties

Who is SureVestor?

Founded by Dave Holt, Todd Breen, and Kevin Knight, SureVestor is the exclusive U.S. provider of the Scheer Protection suite of insurance products known for protecting your investment where others won’t.

Through Scheer Landlord Protection, SureVestor is able to offer protection against tenant related risks that lead to loss of income for landlords and property managers for less than $1 a day.